Whether this is your first time shopping with us or you have already been our loyal client for awhile and would like to know more about the different types of materials we use, here is a little guide to help you make the right decision when buying new leggings.

We work with different levels of fabric compression. That is because different people have different preferences for how much compression they would like.

Also we recommend different levels of compression depending on the type of activity you will be wearing your leggings for. Like this we ensure you have the maximum level of comfort in each occasion.

You can rest assured we only work with the finest types of materials from both worlds: from silky stretch- second skin feel to high compression, body shaping  materials. In all cases we make sure there is no transparency and the level of compression is good enough to be comfortable and hold the shape.

So, when buying new leggings, look out for the compression code that each of them has:

  • COMP1 - Level of compression 1. Second skin feel, silky material, designed to make you feel lightly hugged and able to stretch to the maximum. Great for yoga, pilates, dancing, contortionism, and definitely lounging at home. 
  • COMP2 - Level of compression 2. Second skin feel, silky material with a thicker touch / more coverage than COMP1. Designed to make you feel hugged with low compression, amount. Ideal for yoga, pilates, fitness, lounging at home or out
  • COMP3 - Level of compression 3. From this level, the amount of compression starts to shape your silhouette with a little more pressure. Thicker material than COMP2, this is for the ladies that love soft compression. Usually, we like to choose textured fabrics for this category as they have higher coverage and higher support than the smooth materials without being too thick. A light fabric textured legging can have enough compression to keep you super hugged. These are ideal for fitness, running, biking, high impact workouts. Usually the leggings in this category are great when worn as casual wear as well.
  • COMP4 - Level of compression 4. - This level of compression is recommended for the ladies that love to feel super extra hugged. Usually the leggings in this category have a dense/thick material, with contouring compression, which means they will hold your silhouette to the maximum. Leggings in this category are best worn as casual wear, to go out looking super sleek. Even though this is still in the same category of sports materials we do not recommend it for yoga or pilates. It performs best worn as athleisure. 

We hope this little guide helps you to make the perfect choice! If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We will be more than happy to assist you!